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Body and Gift (Book) Sam Torode

Body and Gift (Book)   Sam Torode



  • Who were we created to be in the beginning?
  • What was God's original plan for love and life?
  • How can Genesis affect the way we live our lives today?


In September of 1979, about a year after becoming pope, John Paul II began a series of brief reflections on love, sexuality, and the human person. These fifteen-minute talks, which continued through the fall of 1984, became known collectively as the "Theology of the Body." With the Bible as his guide, John Paul II set out to answer some of the most important questions of our time. The result was a compelling response to the sexual revolution, pointing the way towards a revolution of love. Now, the theology of the body is being made available in simplified language for the general reader! In his book, Body and Gift: Reflections on Creation, Sam Torode masterfully distills the essence of the Pope's general audiences on the theology of the body. It begins with the creation of man as recorded in Genesis. What does this ancient book have to teach us today about the human body and God's design for marriage? Body and Gift expresses the heart of John Paul's teachings on this important subject. Highly recommended as a simple, easy to understand introduction to John Paul II's thought - and a beautiful gift!

Hardcover 56 pgs.




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