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Love and Responsibility Conference


There are many talks on the Theology of the Body but not many people know about "Love and Responsibility," the philosophical backround to the Theology of the Body that John Paul II wrote while he was still a cardinal. This conference (the 4th National Forum on the Theology of the Body), featuring nationally known speakers, Dr. Janet Smith, Fr. Thomas Loya and many more, explains and discusses aspects from the late pontiff's beautiful work!

Talk titles include:

Dr. Edward Sri: Men, Women and the Mystery of Love: Practical Insights from "Love and Responsibility"

Sue Baars: I Will Give Them a New Heart: The Primacy of Receiving in Responsible Love

Dr. Janet Smith: Love & Responsibility and Hormones       

Dr. Janet Smith: Explaining Contraception: A Personalistic or Natural Law Approach          

Fr. Thomas J. Loya: Modesty and Shame: A John Paul II Perspective

Fr. Abbot John Braganza, OSB: The Complementarity of the Sexes in the Celibate Vocation

Greg & Julie Alexander: To Use, or Not to be Used: That is the Question

Monica Ashour: Reaching Teens with John Paul II's Life-Changing Message

Anastasia Northrop: Words Can't Hurt Me?: The Invisible Scars of Verbal Abuse

Fr. Thomas Loya: Beauty as an Antidote for Pornography

Annie Vining: Holiness Through the Sexual Relationship

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