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Third National Forum on the Theology of the Body

Third National Forum on the Theology of the Body


It is so important that we not only know the basic ideas present in the theology of the body, but that we know how they can be practically integrated into our daily lives. This Forum addresses topics so very relevant to today's culture including homosexuality, pornography, infertility and teaching chastity to teens.

Talk titles are:

Theology of the Body: Toddlers, Teens, and Beyond! - Katrina Zeno

Theology of the Body: a Protestant Perspective - Glenn Stanton

Begotten Not Made: The Struggle of Infertility - Steve Bozza

Discovering the Poetry of God Woven into the Flesh - Dr. Kimberly Schmidt

The Interior Gaze: A Remedy for "Pornovision" and Lust - Fr. Thomas Loya

This is MY Body: Theology of the Body for Teens  - Fr. Thomas Loya

The Theology of the Body and Homosexuality: How to Persuasively and Compassionately Answer the Same-sex Marriage Proposal - Glenn Stanton

The Psychological Importance of Fatherhood - Dr. Paul Vitz

Reaching Family and Friends with a Relevant Message - Dave Sloan & Jennifer Kilfin

Theology of the Body Panel. 

Dating, Romance and God: Recipe for Disaster or Success? - Katrina Zeno

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