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The Single Life: Mistake or Mission? - Katrina Zeno

The Single Life: Mistake or Mission? - Katrina Zeno



This retreat was designed at the request of the bishop of the Diocese of Wichita, Kansas. He wanted to reach out to the professional singles in his diocese, but discovered nothing was available in the United States to meet this need. To create this retreat, Katrina Zeno combined the theology of the body with reflections on the nature of men and women, virginity, Vatican II's call to the laity, and John Paul II's writings on mission. What resulted was a powerful and new way for single people to look at themselves and their purpose and mission in the world and the church. The goal of this retreat is for singles to see themselves as indispensable to society and the church instead of as a "nonentity" during this seemingly invisible "waiting" period.

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