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The Genius of Woman - Katrina J. Zeno

The Genius of Woman - Katrina J. Zeno


This powerful women's retreat is a wonderful tool for discovering in a deeper way the beauty and value of femininity and how it relates to the spiritual life. Katrina Zeno draws heavily on the thought of John Paul II as well as St. Edith Stein, and uses personal experience to bring the concepts home. She includes prayer for healing women's wounds.

The talks given during the retreat are as follows:

"First a Daughter, Then a Bride" (Katrina focuses on our relationship with God, especially as Father)
"The Genius of Woman" (She draws from the Pope John Paul II's writings on Genesis 2 and 3 and speaks about the nature of woman as it's been discussed for 2500 years to show how John Paul II is making an original contribution to the dignity of woman. She also looks at original sin and how it affects our ability to make a sincere gift of self to God and others, as well as four ways it has affected women in their bodies.)
"Weaving a Tapestry of Life" (She discusses the struggles involved in creating a coherent identity from all of life's pieces.)
"The Spouse of the Spirit" (Katrina shows how each person is called to spousal union with God and gives practical ways to live this union with the help of the Virgin Mary and the Holy Eucharist.)


Indepth summary:


Every human person has three vocations: universal as a child of God, gender as male or female, and individual through the unique mission God intends them to carry out.


The universal vocation is our identity as a child of God. Nothing is more important to our sense of identity than to realize God is our father. Satan’s number one trick is to make us think we are orphans and that we have no place in God’s family. The meaning and purpose of our life is not just to be a good person, but to journey towards the house of the father. The grace of His fatherhood is His presence in our lives.


Our second vocation is according to gender. Humans persons are one nature embodied in two ways: male and female. This dual embodiment creates the possibility for union. The human person is made for communion, not for solitude. We image God by making a sincere gift of ourselves to others. We are called to exist for others, to be a gift to them. If we image God only through our rationality than it only takes one person, one type of embodiment to image God. God created us male and female. We image God through union and communion, and we must have a physical body in order to do this.


Woman’s first presence in the world is as a gift. Eve helps Adam to discover his own humanity and reveals to him the meaning of his body. Without her he cannot realize the meaning of his existence. Women are created to be receptive, to be life givers, to receive and to nurture new life in a very concrete and tangible way. All women are called to be spiritual mothers. Maternal love is constant, unconditional, and does not expect emotional needs to be met in return. To be a spiritual mother is to nurture the emotional, moral, cultural, and spiritual life of another. It is to nurture others so that they grow to wholeness, not dependency, preparing them to be able to make their own sincere gift of self.


The third vocation is our individual, unique vocation. God wants to give us our whole self. He wants to give us a mission which reflects our unique talents, gifts, life circumstances, etc. We lack this sense of mission and purpose in our lives. We look to what we do to give us meaning and purpose. Our value should be based on who we are as children of God and not on what we do. It takes time for this unique vocation to unfold, and it unfolds in the midst of our daily life. We need to ask how God has uniquely created us. Who we are will continue to be revealed over our lifetimes. The unique ‘Yes’ we make to God opens up countless possibilities for the ones who come after us. 

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