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Modesty in the 21st Century (DVD) - Fr. Thomas Loya

Modesty in the 21st Century (DVD) - Fr. Thomas Loya



Our 21st century definition of modesty is messed up because we no longer have the sacramental world view Adam and Eve possessed before the Fall. Without this view, which sees everything as pointing back to God the divine artist, we have become confused about what modesty is and isn’t. In order to understand what modesty is we have to reclaim this sacramental world view. Until we do, our view of the human body will swing between prudish and licentious.

  Beginning with the definition of modesty in Pope St John Paul II’s book Love and Responsibility, Fr Loya uses examples from classical art to explore concepts in Theology of the Body and to rebuild a sacramental view of both the body and modesty. Man is the highpoint of God’s creation and all beauty is summed up in the human person. To look at creation with a sacramental world view is to see the human form as pointing back towards God. God relates within Himself in the persons of the Trinity and He moves out to us, His bride the Church, in a spousal relationship. God created man as male and female so that through our gendered identity we could participate in the spousal relationship of God. Through His incarnation Christ took on that part of us which makes us most like God and most needed to be redeemed after the Fall. The whole person, including sexuality, has been redeemed. The body is therefore good and not inherently sinful.

  Reclaiming the sacramental worldview changes everything but especially our understanding of male and female relationships. Fr Loya explains how men and women are hardwired differently through the language of their bodies and how this leads to a dual responsibility when it comes to modesty. Men are primarily visual and women relational. An understanding of this difference is key to maintaining modesty in male and female relationships. Modesty has more to do with the intentions of the presenter and recipient in relating to each other than with the body itself.   




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