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Theology of the Body Teacher Training (DVD) - Fr. Tom Loya

Theology of the Body Teacher Training (DVD) - Fr. Tom Loya



Learn the basics of how to teach adolescents and young adults (and people of all ages) the real meaning of the virtue of saying NO to a distorted use of sexuality in a culture that conditions teens to say yes earlier and earlier. Fr. Thomas Loya, STB, MA, brings a clear vision as to how John Paul II's Theology of the Body gives a revolutionary insight into human sexuality and gives all of us something worthy of our "yes." This is something which is relevant to all, regardless of age, vocation or state in life. This training is a wonderful tool not only for anyone in a teaching or ministry position but for anyone who wants to be able to know, explain and live the Church's teachings on sexuality. Fr. Loya offers practical insights into the differences between men and women and uses his art background to illustrate (literally) principles from John Paul II's life-transforming work. Fr. Thomas J. Loya is currently the pastor of Annunciation of the Mother of God Byzantine Catholic Church near Chicago, IL. Before entering the seminary he earned a degree and pursued a career in commercial art and design, after which he worked for a Church design firm. He completed his studies for the priesthood in Pennsylvania and Rome and was ordained in 1982. In 1993 he added to his Bachelor of Fine Arts by earning a Masters in Counseling and Human Services. He has worked on the iconography both of his present parish and of St. John's parish in Solon, Ohio. In addition to his duties as a pastor and iconographer, Fr. Loya has served the Church in youth and young adult ministry and as an artist and design consultant. He has directed many retreats and has been a guest speaker at many conferences and retreats and at World Youth Day 2002. (3 DVD Set with study outline)

Titles include:

Talk 1 - The Answer to All of Life's Questions

Talk 2 - Male and Female He Created Us

Talk 3 - The Why Behind the Church's Teaching On...




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