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Tools for Daily Spiritual Warfare - Dea. Dominick Peloso


This is the fourth talk in the Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for your Soul (Conference Set)


Jesus wants everything. He raises the bar. He wants our actions and our
thoughts. The battleground is in the heart and mind. Jesus wants us to
purify our minds as best we can with the tools we have.

Prayer is conversation with God. If you don’t have prayer you are in
trouble. Prayer must share joy, suffering, and ask for forgiveness. God is
never done with us; He gives everyone the chance to redeem themselves in
this period of training.

We are not here to convert people. We are here to be instruments of
conversion. We are called to be good instruments in the hand of God. The
pencil does not form the words; it merely writes at the hand of the Author.
God will convert. He needs your availability. Make yourself available to
Him and be in the place He wants you to be. Do God’s will every time it
comes at you.




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