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Exorcism in the Modern World - Fr. Gary Thomas


This is the third talk in the Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for your Soul (Conference Set)


Almost everyone accepts there is evil in the world. To go from an inanimate
force to an intelligent being is a huge leap of faith for many people.
Demons are very devious. Satan’s greatest lie is to convince us he does not
exist. The relationship between exorcism, Satan, and the cross are

The cross is an expression of our bond to God and of our salvation through
the paschal mystery. When we think of why Christ came, why God became
incarnate, it wasn’t just to say that this was a way to get to Heaven. It
was purposefully to defeat an intelligent being who is the manifestation of
everything that is antithetical to God. Satan has already lost; he is
simply trying to take as many with him as he can. He inflicts pain and fear
because he can’t have what he wants.

Exorcism and deliverance are about healing. The suffering people undergo is
factual and can be seen. Demons do not just show up; they have to be
invited. Prayers of deliverance are a minor form of exorcism. Any Catholic
can pray deliverance prayers with another person. When Christ returns He
will expunge Satan into eternity completely and permanently. Until then we
all have the opportunity to know, love, and serve God preparing to live
with Him forever in Heaven.




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