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Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for Your Soul - Conference Set

Hear the "rest of the story" behind the Warner Brother's movie, The Rite.

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Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for your Soul 


Ordinary Catholic families will not survive the times that are coming. Only
heroic Catholic families will survive. Just going to Mass on Sundays is not
going to cut it any more. God’s grace covers all, but we have to be willing
to cooperate with that grace. We play different roles in God’s army as part
of the church militant. When it comes to spiritual warfare, the victory has
been won and the battle is the Lord’s.

Jesus’ first act in the Gospel of Mark is to cast out an unclean spirit.
Delivering people from evil spirits was an essential part of Jesus’
ministry along with teaching and healing the sick. The Gospel writers
distinguish very clearly between physical healings and driving out demons.
Jesus’ chief title is ‘Savior’, and He rescues us from real danger.

The cross is an expression of our bond to God and of our salvation through
the paschal mystery. When we think of why Christ came it wasn’t just to say
that this was a way to get to Heaven. It was purposefully to defeat an
intelligent being who is the manifestation of everything that is
antithetical to God. Satan has already lost; he is simply trying to take as
many with him as he can. He inflicts pain and fear because he can’t have
what he wants.

Exorcism and deliverance are about healing. The suffering people undergo is
factual and can be seen. Demons do not just show up; they have to be
invited. Prayers of deliverance are a minor form of exorcism. Any Catholic
can pray deliverance prayers with another person. When Christ returns He
will expunge Satan into eternity completely and permanently. Until then we
all have the opportunity to know, love, and serve God preparing to live
with Him forever in Heaven.

Jesus wants everything. He raises the bar. He wants our actions and our
thoughts. The battleground is in the heart and mind. Jesus wants us to
purify our minds as best we can with the tools we have. If we remain in
God’s grace we will not be harmed but we may have to suffer. Ordinary
catholic families will not survive, only heroic ones. Pray to be a heroic


The presentations were given as follows:

Talk 1 - Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for your Soul by John LaBriola

Talk 2 - The Biblical Foundation for Catholic Deliverance Ministry by Fr. Kevin Joyce

Talk 3 - Exorcism in the Modern World by Fr. Gary Thomas

Talk 4 - Tools for Daily Spiritual Warfare by Dea. Dominick Peloso





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