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Woman: God's Masterpiece - Christopher West

Woman: God's Masterpiece - Christopher West


Basing his presentation on the theology of John Paul II, Christopher West addresses the questions,

  • What does it mean to be a woman?
  • Why did Satan attack the woman?
  • How is woman 'God's masterpiece'?
  • What is the "Genius" of Woman?

Since woman is the archetype of humanity Christopher urges women to truly live their femininity so as to be an example to the whole Church of what it means to be Bride of Christ. He then goes on to discuss controversial Scriptures related to women such as "Wives be submissive to your husband" and "Man is the image of God and the woman the image of man." He also addresses the issues of contraception and the male priesthood. (2 DVD set/2 CD set)




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