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The Theology of the Body In-depth-Christopher West

The Theology of the Body In-depth-Christopher West


Christopher West delves into the riches of John Paul II's theology of the body in this 6 part series. Beginning with an overview, "An Encounter with Christ the Bridegroom," he then goes on to explain original man (who man and woman were created to be in the beginning as found in the book of Genesis), historical man (who we are now after the fall and in the light of the redemption), and eschatological man (what we are destined for in heaven). He then applies this "total vision of man" to the vocations of celibacy and marriage. The question and answer session gives him the opportunity to offer ways of implementing the theology of the body in everyday life. Throughout the series Christopher continually stresses the beauty and possibility of truly living as we were called to live in the beginning, as persons made in the image and likeness of God. Presentation given in Waukesha, WI. Perfect for Church Groups, Study Groups and Retreats!

(5 DVD/6 CD set)




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