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Marriage for Life: Making the Dream a Reality - Christopher West

Marriage for Life: Making the Dream a Reality - Christopher West


These talks ARE NOT only for engaged couples! Why? Both engaged and married couples have said their lives would have been very different if they had heard this message when they were in high school. This very basic presentation of the theology of the body is aimed at Catholics who haven't been to church since they were confirmed and their, in many cases, non-Catholic partners. In a loving and nonjudgmental manner, Christopher West presents the fundamentals of what marriage is in the Church and a healthy, Catholic understanding of sexuality. 

The titles of the talks are as follows:

  • 1: God's Plan for Marriage in the Beginning
  • 2: Becoming One in Christ: Christ Restores God's Plan
  • 3: The Basics: What is Marriage in the Church?
  • 4: The Joy and Challenge of Sexuality Before Marriage
  • 5: The Joy and Challenge of Sexuality Within Marriage
  • 6: The Practical Benefits of NFP (by Wendy West)
  • 7: Couple Testimony (by Scott and Florence Sebern)
  • 8: Question and Answer Rap Session.

"For the first time, Catholic teachings have been presented in a loving, instructive way...my fiancee and I have grown and deepened our love and commitment to Christ more in two days than in our whole relationship." - Anonymous

(This is an 8-part series on 4 DVDs/6 CDs. All talks are by Christopher West unless otherwise noted.)  Formerly titled, '"One in Christ" Engaged Weekend."




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