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Dr. Robin Bernhoft
Robin A. Bernhoft, MD, FACS was born in Fargo, North Dakota, graduated cum laude from Harvard College and earned his MD at Washington University Medical School, St Louis. After surgery residency at UCSF, where he published over twenty scientific papers, and a liver/pancreatic surgery fellowship in London, England, he entered private practice in the Seattle area, joining the clinical faculty of the University of Washington Medical School. After several years of busy surgical practice, he became environmentally ill, from leaving disinfectant on his hands throughout 600 operations per year. The toxic chemicals he absorbed swamped his ability to detoxify, and gave him skin, respiratory and GI problems which caused him to lose 35 pounds in four months. In order to understand what was happening to him, and to survive, Dr Bernhoft retrained in environmental medicine, 2002-6. By applying what he learned, he regained his health, and shed his sensitivity to perfumes and mold. Dr Bernhoft is now able to run 20 to 30 miles per week, and is three belts short of black belt in Shito Ryu karate. He has his life back, and is eager to use what he has learned to help others regain theirs.




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