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Sue Baars
Suzanne Baars holds a Master of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling from St. Mary’s University, and is licensed in Texas as a professional counselor, marriage and family therapist and chemical dependency therapist. She has experience in both inpatient and outpatient psychotherapy and has been practicing since 1986.

Sue is currently in private practice and operates In His Image Christian Counseling Service in Dallas, Texas. She has appeared on EWTN’s “Living His Life Abundantly” with Johnnette Benkovic many times and presented the work of her late father, Dr. Conrad Baars, in the areas of treating scrupulosity, obsessive-compulsive disorder and emotional deprivation disorder, among other things.

Sue has also been both a guest and co-host on Catholic Television of San Antonio’s evangelization program “Catholicism Live!” In addition, in order better to aid both the layperson and professional alike to understand the psychology based on that of St. Thomas Aquinas, which truly integrates a Christian concept of the human person and sound psychological principles, Sue has recorded several of her lectures.
She is presently working with her colleague, Bonnie Shayne, M.A. to update some of her father's work. Born Only Once, Feeling and Healing Your Emotions and Healing the Unaffirmed have recently been revised and republished. Other books are currently being updated.

Suzanne Baars obtained her M.A. in Counseling in 1985 and is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist and a Chemical Dependency Counselor




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