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Fr. Thomas Loya
Fr. Thomas J. Loya is currently the pastor of Annunciation of the Mother of God Byzantine Catholic Church in Chicago, IL (www.byzantinecatholic.com) and the Eastern Catholic spiritual advisor for TOBIA. Before entering the seminary he earned a degree and pursued a career in commercial art and design, after which he worked for a Church design firm. He completed his studies for the priesthood in Pennsylvania and Rome and was ordained in 1982. In 1993 he added to his Bachelor of Fine Arts by earning a Masters in Counseling and Human Services. He has worked on the iconography both of his present parish and of St. John's parish in Solon, Ohio. In addition to his duties as a pastor and iconographer, Fr. Loya has served the Church in youth and young adult ministry and as an artist and design consultant. He has directed many retreats and has been a guest speaker at many seminars, conferences, and at World Youth Day 2002. His weekly radio program "A Body a Truth" can be heard at www.catholicradiointernational.com .




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